Lunar Eclipse ritual

Lunar Eclipse ritual

Tonight (15th June 2011) there is a full lunar eclipse.

For the Lanna ritual for a full moon eclipse, you will need the following:

  • White table
  • Coconut water
  • 12x Purple Lotus flowers
  • 12x Black Candles
  • 12x Black Incense
  • 12x Black Rice Grains
  • 12x Black Sesame Seeds
  • 12x Black Cookies
  • 12x Mangosteen
  • or similar black fruit, candles, incense and foods (Coca-cola?)

As the moon darkens into full eclipse, ask for the elipse energy to bless and cleanse your offerings, to give long life and protection to you, your mama, papa, teacher and loved ones.

Lahu Massamin Ja Puta Gun Nang
Lahu Massamin Tamma Nang
Lahu Massamin Ja Sangkha Nang
Sa Pa Lokha Paya Mi
Wa Che Yasa Pata Pang
Pa Wan Tu Mei
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