Sen (Energy) Lines

Thai Energy Lines are known as Sen Lines.  ‘Sen’ in Thai is a classifying word for a things that come in long thin strands like noodles or pieces of string, and hair.

Sen Lines fascinate me, because every lineage, every master has a slightly different line. They see them differently, the feel them differently, and they worked them differently too.  When you look at the depictions below, you will see they are all variations based on the same general idea.

Energy flows through the channels as water flows through a stream.  Some parts rush as torrents, some parts are stagnant, the ebb and flow constantly change as we move through our daily life.

Here are some of my favourite images, which have been culled off the net. Enjoy!



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2 Responses to Sen (Energy) Lines

  1. Alexander says:

    Yes. I just finished energy line course with Felicity. Slightly different. Bangkok – still different. I think, they refer more or less to the same thing but from diiferent angle.
    Nice. Thank you!

  2. felicity joy says:

    The lines will always be anatomically different. This is because each individual is different and the energy lines shift slightly depending on what the person is feeling or is doing or has done. What is important is to be able to feel each lines different personality and allow it to resonate in yourself and though this you can follow the energy in the line and assist in facilliating it movement to create more harmony and health

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