How to use weight.

Ajahn Pichest often talks about weight, it is one of his essential teachings.  In a nutshell, you should not use any “pressure” as this will cause tension not only in your client’s body, as the tension causes them to unconsciously protect themselves, but also in our own body, which over time lead to becoming blocks in our own body, especially when we repeat our movements with every massage.

Instead we can learn how to control our own “weight“: let gravity do the work and give yourself space to become totally relaxed whilst sinking as deep as you can go into the client’s body.

So lets look at some of the adjustments that will give us control over own weight:

Firstly, we can look at distance: the further you are from your client’s body, the less you are supporting your own weight, and the more of your weight is being given to your client:

Secondly, think about height: the higher you are above your client, the more you weight you can transfer.

And finally we can look at focus: increasing your weight into one focal point

First it is important that you are in the right place, when you are sure, you can shift your weight.  The hip must be directly above the knee as weight always travels vertically.

If that is not enough weight, you can lift up the opposing knee without changing your position.  Just the intention to lift the knee may give you enough weight!

The final position has the weight of the whole body coming down through one knee.  This is extreme weight and not suitable for most people.  You might notice that I am holding off giving my full weight in this position as it was not suitable.

Be careful never to injure your client – their limitations are more important than our own need to practice technique!  Ajahn Pichest often uses “technique” as a insult when he sees someone trying to perform a move without paying attention to what they should actually be doing.

“Technique! Bok bok!”

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3 Responses to How to use weight.

  1. Fabulous post – incredibly helpful to many students and practitioners.

  2. trayl says:

    great post Jo.I love your point about putting the clients well being before our need to practise technique.Fantastic keep up the great info.

  3. Alex says:

    Great post and great blog as well! Im very glad I found! We met at Pichest and in Lahu OsteoThai some 3 years ago. Pichest really impressed and challenged me, but I did not have a clue what I really learned, till few months after: I was working intensively for Yoga club in Oslo, 4 clients daily, 2 h each… suddenly – terrible pain in my shoulder, inflammation-like. I thought I have to stop working for some time, worrying for my family finances… but still having one hand and two legs… decided to give a try! Suddenly I discovered that in certain positions and angles I can use my sick arm and there is not only no pain but feels like Im doing good to it! Then suddenly all visions of Pichests teachings exploded in my mind… I changed COMPLETELY my “technique” and using body weight properly I not only could work but actually CURED my arm in a very short time! My work changed since then, Im happier and clients as well! Exactly as you said. Feel, connect, dont try to “fix” the client, first heal yourself etc. Pain is sometimes best teacher… but, thank you Pichest! Deep bow!

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