Nephyr Jacobson

I was surfing the web the other day and I came across this great Thai Massage blog by Nephyr, founder and director of the Naga Centre in Portland, Oregon.  She has a beautiful self reflective and deep perspective on the Thai healing philosophy, and is definitely worth a good read for inspiration – Check her out!

Addendum Dec 2015: Since this post was published, Nephyr spent a couple of years researching Thai medicine in Chiang Rai.  This resulted in the creation of a wonderful book called “Seven Peppercorns: Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers“.  This is a must read for any Thai Massage practitioner who wants to understand their practice more deeply.

Nephyr has also produced an online course, Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers for guided study.

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2 Responses to Nephyr Jacobson

  1. actually, i have looked for information about thai massage in german. but via the german page of the search engine, i received your page a result – fortunately 😉 really great information about thai massage, especially easy to read and understand. Thanks and best regards from germany.

  2. innawake says:

    When I was searching thaimassage through google I found this website. I really feel happy about this website that informed more about thaimassage. Thank you very much.

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