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The Abdominal Brain

The abdomen is our physical centre, the core of our being.  When we curl up in foetal position, we are protecting our vital organs, as opposed to our head. The abdomen is a place that is intricately linked to our … Continue reading

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Jack Chia


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The Meditative Mind in Thai Massage

You may have heard that a Thai massage is conducted whilst maintaining a meditative mind.  That the practice is a meditation. Meditation is simply any mind-based practice. During a meditation, one focuses the mind rather than allowing it to follow … Continue reading

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How to use weight.

Ajahn Pichest often talks about weight, it is one of his essential teachings.  In a nutshell, you should not use any “pressure” as this will cause tension not only in your client’s body, as the tension causes them to unconsciously protect … Continue reading

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How to Touch

When massaging, what we are doing, at its most basic, is simply touching.  Touching, feeling, responding, engaging.  Yet very few schools talk about how to touch, curriculums tending more often to focus on where to touch. So how should we … Continue reading

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Prayer to Dr Shivago

Namo tassa bhagavato arahato samma sambuddhasa (3x)  Hommage to the blessed One, the Worthy One, the Perfectly Self-awakened One   Om Namo Shivago Silasa A-hang/Karuniko Sapasatanang O-satha/Tippamantang Paphaso Suriya-jantang/Gomarapato Pagasesi Vantami/Pandito Sumethaso Aloka Sumana-homi (3x) Hommage to our founder, the … Continue reading

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Harnessing the placebo effect

The word placebo means “I shall please” and originally comes from Church liturgy “I shall please the Lord”, and was later used for any attempt to flatter or please another. By the 19th Century, physicians used placebo to refer to … Continue reading

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Lunar Eclipse ritual

Lunar Eclipse ritual Tonight (15th June 2011) there is a full lunar eclipse. For the Lanna ritual for a full moon eclipse, you will need the following: White table Coconut water 12x Purple Lotus flowers 12x Black Candles 12x Black … Continue reading

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Cross your arms to relieve pain

Crossing your arms after burning your hand or suffering an injury could lessen pain, research suggests. Scientists found that crossing the arms across the body may confuse the brain about where pain is occurring.  Researchers think the theory has most … Continue reading

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Thai Massage for Tigers?

Don’t try this at home, folks!

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