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Advanced Thai massage with feet.

This is such a tranquil video! Here is Ralf Marzen in Khao Sok national park demonstrating a beautiful sequence from his advanced workshops. Ralf teaches in London, Amsterdam and Thailand, check out his website for more details.

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Thailand breaks Guinness World Record for Mass Massage

641 Thai Massage therapists simultaneously performed a Thai Massage to smash the Guinness World Record. It is quite a sight to behold!

The National News Bureau of Thailand reported last week that the government is ‘aiming to make Thailand the world’s ultimate destination for massage’, with plans outlined to offer massage classes to the public and set up massage centres in every hospital.

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Osteo-Thai Style Massage by Thierry Bienfaisant

Here is a beautiful video by Thierry demonstrating the Osteo Thaï style of Thai Massage. Thierry has just opened up a school in Belgium where you can study with him – check it out at

And let’s not forget the Osteo Thaï College in the South of France where David Lutt runs courses

Fluid, beautiful and effective Thai Massage.

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I would like to try this massage.

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Jack Chia from Nerve Touch

Here is Master Jack showing his powerful hip opening techniques to a group of Japanese students.  First he opens up the shortened hip flexors with some stretching.  Then he works around the sacrum and illium to open up the external … Continue reading

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Thai Massage for Tigers?

Don’t try this at home, folks!

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Ajahn Sinchai

Here Ajahn Sinchai demonstrates neck cracking.  You can really see the way he feels each body in front of him, making sure that they are fully warmed up, and relaxed before he does the crack.  The receiver has his hands … Continue reading

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Baby Massage

Peter Walker who teaches developmental baby massage in London. It’s wonderful to see the way he encourages the “bub” gently but firmly, and then goes on to trigger the “floppy” baby’s natural reflexes.

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