Links for the UK

Triyoga: Jo has been working here since 2011

happy feet happy heart  A pop-up mobile foot massage business is based in the Towpath Cafe during the summer

Rachel King: London Fields Thai Massage and Mediation services, Rachel is always here to support you.

Shivago Thai Massage School in Edinburgh, Scotland.  In depth courses, events and conferences at this dynamic school.

Links for Chiang Mai, Thailand:

Ajahn Pichest – thai massage master and shaman, there is no comparison.

Dr Sinchai – blind medical massage, Mor Sinchai has a wealth of experience and teaches Thai Massage using simple but effective techniques, he also gives great treatments.

Kru Jack Chia, son of Mama Lek (from Nerve Touch) and now with his own school in Chiang Mai teaches advanced classes and gives great treatments

Mac (Terdchai Chumphoopong) from The Fine Art of Thai Massage has opened a school on the outskirts of Chiang Mai and is teaching a 3-week beginners course

Sunshine Network: Asokananda’s original thai massage retreat at the Lahu village.

Sunshine school – beginners courses in Chaing Mai, and wonderful advanced courses in high season (Nov-Feb).

Felicity – teaching sen line therapy and stomach massage courses through the winter.  Don’t forget to book a Chi Nei Tsang treatment with her!

Mike Tan, teaches Master Poo style sen line therapy.  These are well structured and clear sen line classes, Mike also does very powerful treatments.

Omsala, the lovely Om teaching Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang

Namo – massage and yoga school – 5 days beginners course with the fun and friendly and very hands-on Nadja, one day spa-style courses, and drop-in yoga classes.

Remco – Blue Garden teaches small groups and privately, he is a student of Pichest and his teaching draws on this experience.

Rosemary – integrated cranio-sacral therapy – Rosemary teaches in her gentle, yet deep style through the winter: showing you the world through eyes uncluttered.

Wild Rose Yoga Studio – beautiful studio, yoga from the heart & weekly herbal steam sauna, with a strong emphasis on community.

and close by in Laos

Thai Massage Circus – an annual one month intensive course in Thai Massage, osteopathy and much much more