Tutoring and Workshops

Jo teaches small groups, or on a one-on-one basis.  The syllabus varies according to requirements but subjects may include:

  • Assessment of client.
  • Biomechanics: how to use your body weight fully so you don’t have to use effort.
  • Choice of technique to use best suited to client and practioner.
  • Depth: how much pressure do you need?  How to sense and how to apply the right amount of weight.
  • Energy: location and application of energy lines, how to sense and clear energy blocks, how to clear your own energy, and traditional protection prayers.
  • Functional anatomy and physiology: how the body moves and functions, typical trouble spots, and ways to work with them.
  • Grace: how to transition smoothly and fluidly, how to move around the body with flow, the rhythm of divine movement.


Opening the hips: a Thai yoga massage workshop with Jo Lim

Where: triyoga primrose hill
When: fri 02 november 7.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost: £25

This Thai Massage workshop focuses on the hip joints. Using simple and nurturing techniques we can support gentle release and opening of the hips. Opening the hips frees stuck energy, trapped emotions and can bring about a grounded feeling.

We will explore some traditional Thai Yoga techniques that soften tight muscles and free fascial restrictions allowing the energy to flow, and helping our life force and vitality to return.


Finding the Freedom to Flow: A Thai Massage Workshop with Jo Lim

When: Friday, 24th August, 7.30-9.30pm
Cost: £25

To be “in the flow” is to effortlessly be at one with the world. In this Thai massage workshop we will be exploring how to flow in a massage. Finding a natural rocking rhythm can induce a wonderful sense of relaxation that unlocks the body’s stresses and strains without the need for complicated techniques. We will be letting go of our own tension and finding our own comfort zone so that we can explore our own natural rhythm. We will explore natural rhythms of the body and how to they vary from feet to head.

You will both give and receive a massage at this playful workshop. This workshop is open to everyone who is interested in relaxation and massage. Easy to learn, and wonderful to give.


Festival Season 2012 –  Jo and Kingsley hit the road with a series of workshops and treatments.

We were at the Wilderness Festival, 10th-12th August, where we presented workshops “Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage” (Friday, 12-2pm); and “Opening the Heart with Thai Massage” (Saturday 12-2pm).

We were also teaching at the One World Festival, 14th-19th August, where we presented a series of workshops and set up the AMAZING THAI MASSAGE tent for treatments.


Opening the Heart: A Thai Massage Workshop with Jo Lim

Where: An Introductory Workshop at Triyoga Chelsea
When: Sunday, 29th April 4.30-6.30pm
Cost: £25

Metta (loving kindness) is the grounding principal in Thai Massage and this helps the practitioner to create a quality of healing presence in each treatment. In this playful introductory workshop, we will explore what loving kindness means within the framework of a simple sequence. You will learn how to develop trust with a partner by giving and receiving a Thai Massage. We will be softening the heart area which often develops stiffness from emotional tightness and everyday postural restrictions at work and home. We will focus on stretching and gently opening upper back, neck and shoulder areas. You will learn practical techniques that your family and friends will love. This workshop is open to everyone with an open mind and an open heart.