Over the last 10 years, I have been particularly interested in working with groups of like-minded therapists to create healing spaces. I have a special interest in working with communities, and in community settings. I strongly believe that massage should not be something exclusive and costly, especially since it is the oldest and simplest forms of healing, harnessing the basic power of touch.


Massage Shala finds its inspiration in the communal, more informal massage rooms of South East Asia. We are massage practitioners who enjoy the energy created in a shared space. The shared space creates a safe and open informal atmosphere, welcoming all. A container for community, connection and healing.

We host a weekly sliding scale clinic, part of The Health Tree project at St Margaret’s House in Bethnal Green on Friday mornings 10am-1pm.

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Happy Feet Happy Heart is a mobile foot massage project. The aim of this project is to bring cheap and cheerful foot massage to local events. We aim for massage to be a part of daily life by bringing it out to the street, in local fetes and at community gatherings.


Happy Feet Happy Heart collaborated with Centre 151 and The Museum of the Home (formally known as the Geffrye Museum) to create an exhibition and takeover of the Geffrye Museum. Centre 151 is home to a community of Vietnamese refugees, who fled Vietnam in the 1980s aboard rickety boats.

This project entitled “Nha” explored a refugee’s concept of home. The community explored their memories of Vietnam, bringing their old photographs and the precious objects they brought with them as they fled. We collected oral histories whilst giving our interviewees a foot massage. The resulting videos, photographs and sound recordings were presented as an exhibition in a takeover of the Museum of the Home’s gardens in 2019.

Happy Feet Happy Heart were also gave free foot massages to the public as part of the takeover project.


Massage Lab is a project that brings massage therapists together to share their practice and connect with likeminded practitioners.