Jo Lim

Osteopath, Thai Massage and Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner

Jo Lim is a highly intuitive practitioner whose osteopathic background provides her with a technical anatomy-based approach to treatment. Jo has experience treating a wide range of conditions, such as chronic and acute back pain, shoulder problems, knee dysfunction and headaches. She has a special interest in abdominal and internal organ related problems including indigestion, menstrual pain and infertility, and treating during, pre- and post-pregnancy.

Jo is a registered osteopath. She qualified in 2016 from the British School of Osteopathic Medicine, after having practiced as a Thai Massage Therapist for over 10 years. Jo also practices Chi Nei Tsang, Shiatsu and Craniosacral therapy.

Jo root teachers are Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme and Phra Insom Mettarat, based in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. The foundations of Jo’s massage practice were laid during an extended period of study here from 2007-2011.

Jo is the current Chair of the City of London and Shoreditch Neighbourhood Forum

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