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The Omental Bursa

The omental bursa is section of peritoneum It opens from the perionteal cavity via the epiploic foramen, which lies along the thickened tissue surrounding the hepatoduodenal ligament within the lesser omentum. The omental bursa allows the stomach to expand posteriorly. … Continue reading

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Mac (Terdchai Chumphoopong)

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting Mac at his new school. Situated on the outskirts of East Chiang Mai, the school is in a traditional walled complex which also contains Mac’s house, a student guesthouse with its own kitchen, … Continue reading

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Ralf Marzen


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Thierry Bienfaisant

Here is a beautiful video by Thierry demonstrating the Osteo Thaï style of Thai Massage. Thierry has just opened up a school in Belgium where you can study with him – check it out at

And let’s not forget the Osteo Thaï College in the South of France where David Lutt runs courses

Fluid, beautiful and effective Thai Massage.

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Some thoughts on the Pelvis

PELVIC ANATOMY The “true” or “lesser” pelvis lies between the pelvic inlet and the pelvic floor and houses the reproductive organs, the urinary bladder, the sigmoid colon and rectum.           The pelvic inlet is protected by … Continue reading

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I would like to try this massage.

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A Story of Healing

When my mother was a little girl, perhaps 8 years old, she and her brother were playing on a piece of land by the water.  They called it their “island” and drove in stakes scrawled with warning signs “Trespassers will … Continue reading

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This Teacher Rocks!

Felicity Keebaugh  

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Nephyr Jacobson

  She’s doing something interesting, getting deeper into Thai traditions and theory.  She wrote “Seven Peppercorns: Traditional Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers“. Nephyr teaches Thai Medical Theory for Bodyworkers at the Naga School, Portland, Oregon

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Sip Sen Song

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